hwo to send data via Multihop xbee

I want to ask, is there any who has multihop xbee coding? I have difficulty in sending data using multihop communication

Routing scenarios
A <-> b <-> c

Can anyone help coding?

Which xbee modules and related firmware are you using? Not all support Mesh which is what you need to send data from A to C via B.

I use xbee s2c

What firmware version are you working with on your S2C hardware? Is it the 802.15.4, Zigbee or Digi mesh?

I use zigbee

Than that only requires you to either set the DL and DH accordingly or place the nodes in the proper order. That is, if you want to send data from A to C, then either do one of the following:

A- Coordinator B- Router C- Router or End device
Set the Coordinators DL and DH to C’s SL and SH
C will automatically point to the Coordinator (DL/DH to 0)

A - Router B- Coordinator C - Router
Set both A and C 's DL and DH to the other modules SL and SH.

Do you have the arduino code for xbee communication?

Digi does not provide Arduino code. But you can do a Quick Google search on XBee and Arduino and find hundreds of sites that do provide you with the Library files you need.