Hylafax with the Acceleport Ras under Linux

How do I set up Hylafax for use with the Acceleport Ras?

The Acceleport RAS/Xp driver creates device names of /dev/ttyGb_pp, where b is the board number (0 for first board) and pp is the port number (00 = port 1). This naming convention causes problems for the Hylafax program because of the _ in the device name. To resolve this problem, use symlink to create acceptable device names like in the following example for port 1 of board 1:

ln -s /dev/ttyG0_00 /dev/ttyG000
If done for all 8 ports on an Acceleport RAS8, /dev/ttyG0_00-ttyG0_07 would have symlinks named /dev/ttyG000-ttyG007. The /dev/ttyG000-ttyG007 device names would then be used in Hylafax rather than the default device names which the driver created.
Fax Class

The Acceleport RAS card supports Class 1, Class 2, and Class 2.0 fax classes.

Hylafax Version

We’ve had customers report problems when using the Acceleport RAS with versions of Hylafax earlier than 4.1.5.

Flow Control

By default, the Acceleport RAS devices have hardware (RTS/CTS) flow control turned on, software (Xon/Xoff) flow control turned off. In order to match this, you will need to comment out any settings in the Hylafax config files which turn on Xon/Xoff flow control, and add this string to your modem config file instead:

ModemFlowControl: rtscts

In order to check the firmware version of your Acceleport RAS modems, issue command:

dm_admin -b# -q The resulting output will list a part number similar to 80006691_M1. The M1 in this case would be the firmware version. It is best to stay current with the firmware releases for the Acceleport RAS in order to take advantage of any bug fixes or enhancements to the product. Firmware for the Acceleport RAS can be found at the Acceleport RAS Firmware Page.
For further information concerning Hylafax setup, please refer to the Hylafax Home Page.

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