I am getting some signals on receive pins of all my Xbee

I am new to Xbee… And am trying to establish p2p connections between two Xbee (series -1) modules…

The problem that I faced was that when my channel ID was set to default ID (PAN) 3332 I was getting some messages on my receive pins


and so on…
and one more thing that I noticed that all of the Xbee were getting the same message at the same time…

at the same time i was not able to connect to my Modem (using Test/Query) command…

and when I changed the PAN ID to some other number (in my case AAAA) things were working fine… these receive messages were gone and my Xbee is properly replying to Test/ Query command.

Can anyone clear the whole situation to me… thankyou.

I have just figure out that the necessary condition for getting those messages is
MY = 0, and
ID = 3332.

Can anyone tell me the possible reasons of this message now… ?

Well I got the solution… actually a nearby device is sending the date and time at frequency of 1 Hz… and those data if looked carefully is the standard date and time notations…
and probably the source is flooding data on default channel id at address 0… :slight_smile: