I am trying to turn on the wifi module of my nxp kit with freertos but I can´t


I recently bought a nxp kit that is activated by saying a wake up word, so recognsies voices. This kit has a wifi and bluetooth module that I would like to turn on but though I have been trying I haven´t been susccessful. I am working with freertos and MCUExpresso IDE.

So nxp provided me a folder that does have a wifi configuration, with the different libraries needed, different folders… but when I open the SDK in MCUExpresso the folders that appears as available in the demo project doesn´t include the FreeRTOS + TCP library nor any file referencing any wifi configuration.

I tried different things in mcu. Firstly, deleting the sdk demo files and including the ones nxp gave me (the ones that include the wifi configuration) but didn´t work because some files of the sdk initial demo were needed. Then I copied all of the files with the demo configuration, but a lot of files were duplicated and gave me a lot of problems. And then I tried including the files one by one but it s a really tedious work that would take me for ages.

The explanations I have seen to power on the wifi with freertos do not say exactly how this file inclusion should be done, but the steps that need to be taken in order to turn on the wifi don´t seem to be difficult but errors don´t stop to appear.

In addition, the code has more than one main.c file and I don´t if there is any possibility to decide which main to execute.

Thank you in advanced!