I delete ConnectPort X4 Python all Manage Files !!

There is an urgent case need your help, I have a presentation in Tomorrow , but some file we delete it & can’t recover it.

Delete some file of it in ConnectPort X4 Configuration and Management =>Applications =>Python =>all Manage Files
It cause we can’t see the Zigbee’s RF data from internet website.

There are some error when using digipython

#> python dpdsrv.py

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “WEB/python/dpdsrv.py”, line 7, in ?
import sys, os
ImportError: No module named os

#> Python

How can we  recover it  ? that we can demo it .

Hi there,

Here is the link for python.zip:

Just rename 40002643_B.zip as python.zip, prior to uploading it to your X4.

You can find some of the pyhon files at the following link, http://www.digi.com/support/kbase/kbaseresultdetl.jsp?id=3148 .