ID Block is missing on BL4S110

ID block is missing on new BL4S110 modules.

I bought new BL4S110 boards but the ID-block is missing.

I have tried to rewrite the ID-block with the program

I have the following problem:

  • Warning : XMEMCODE_SIZE refedined problem to prevent ID+user blocks area conflict.

  • The system stops during loading to flash. 2048/43008.

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The Serial flash was at end of life and there is a upgrade.


I had the same problem.

Problem was solved by installing Dynamic C 10.72, and installing the Serial Flash Patch to libraries and bios.

When downloading Dynamic C 10.72, I had problems because the download process stopped after 30 or 40 MBytes, so I installed and used a utility called Free Download Manager. With that utility, downloading from the site became possible.

With all these steps, the problems were fixed.

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