iDigi Wi-9P kit - How to obtain last firmware

The welcome screen in the Idigi Platform says to use firmware version 8.2.9.x. or later. On the support site I’ve only founded versione
I can’t succeed in connecting my device, can someone help me?
Thanks, Claudio

Is this the firmware you’re looking for?

Many thanks. Consider that I’m a newbie. Actually I’ve already discovered that version (, but I’m still in search for 2.8.9.x versions, as required by current version of Idigi DIA (1.2.19). I was only able to run version 1.1.17 of DIA, but I was forced to downgrade also the Python compiler to 2.4.3…
An analogue problem was that DIA documentation requires a version of Python library that doesnt exists in
??? I’m slightly confused…
Thanks however…

We are aware of the need for this firmware and a failure has been created. Unfortunately I don’t know when the firmware will be available.