iDigi Wi-9P XBee coordinator not detecting modules

Same here. Basically I have the iDigi Wi-9P platform which I have just bought, and I have setup the kit according to the Getting Started pdf for Wi-9P kit. What happens is I’m stuck at the point where I’m suppose to go to the embedded gateway, and click on Xbee network, and I am suppose to see the coordinator. However, the error message returned is “Xbee network not available”. I’ve hooked up the Xbee module with the embedded gateway via serial port B as stated, and the orange and red LED are both blinking on the Xbee module at the embedded gateway. On the laptop side, I’ve hooked up the Xbee module via USB to the laptop, and the red light blinks, however the orange light blinks for 1 minute before turning solid. I’ve restarted it a few times, and it always turn solid after a minute. Can someone help me?