iDigi with SSL

I’m developing an application with NET+OS7.5.2 on a ConnectCore 9P9215 module.

I’m adding an rci interface for custom configuration of the device parameters.

I would like to use SSL with the iDigi server connection established by the device, however I can’t find any documentation about the certificates or how to install them.

Can someone please shed some light on this subject?

I can help with part of this. The iDigi server certificate has been posted to the “Resources” page of iDigi. If you log into the iDigi Device cloud or iDigi Developer Cloud you’ll see a link in the upper-right for “Resources”. If you click there you’ll see a link for “iDigi Device Cloud CA Certificate”. That’s the certificate you’ll want to install in your NET+OS application.

Did you figure out how to setup your application to connect to iDigi via SSL?

Yes, it’s is all working now. Thanks for the help.