if i write a different modem to a xbee ,how do i do to restore??

i can not find the modem of my xbee ,so i wrtie a similar
modem to the xbee through x-ctu .after that ,i can not find(test) the xbee through x-ctu.what should i do ???
by the way ,my xbee is xbp9b-dmst-002 , but i can not find the modem in x-ctu…what should i do ???

try to put factory setup and than you can up an XBP9B- firmware that should work :slight_smile:

be sure to download the last version of Xctu and you should have many xbp9b-dm soft to upload. you can look on these one but i don’t know if there is specific modem firmwork :confused: look at the data sheet of your model

i’m sure it’s the last version of Xctu. firmwork version is 8068 .but i can’t find it anywhere .
by the way i download ( firmwork version is 806A)to it ,and it work.