i'm student and i need help to set-up my xbee 2

hello everybody,

I’m trying to use two xbee2 for my degree’s project.
the xbees are already communicating by the X-CTU terminal in the 2 ways, i know how to use the sleep mode4.
i wanna know how to send the converting result of an ADC pin when the xbee wakes-up.
please help me!!!
i’m not sure that i’m in the right topic, give me a link if i’m not.

I am also a degree student. But I got xbee 1.

It seem to have two solutions:

  1. Use another MCU to control the module using UART, or
  2. Modify the firmware in the module so that it send out message automatically.

Option 1 is much earier but higher cost.

I want to try option two but there is lag of support documents. The current document seem still have a long way to improve and may be outdated…that why I am here(shouting for help)…I have no idea to work on the firmwares…