Import data from Gateway X4 retrieved from sensors to Excel


I’m working with a Zigbee X4 gateway module. I want to know if its possible to import data retrieved from sensors to Excel, or something that let me show the data in a good looking format, to do graphs and a complete statistical analisys if possible.

Actually I’m running the sample aplication using Python, the problem is that I found Python too tricky to use for me. I would like to find a way to develop my applications using Vb .NET or another language.

Thank you for your help!.


If you’re still using Dia on the gateway, you could configure it to use the TCP-CSV presentation, and provide a socket on the machine you’re running VB.NET on, to consume that data. Excel could consume that CSV data directly if you needed it to.

Probably a more flexible option would be to use the XML-RPC presentation in Dia, and the XML-RPC.NET library (or equivalent), to pull data from the gateway into your VB application.

If you provide more details about what you’re attempting, perhaps someone can come up with some good targeted advice.

Thank you DigiGuy42, I will try that and I tell you the results.