Improve communication bewteen PC and Port Server TS 8/16

In the today configuration PC and PortServer are locally connected, but, in the near future, we plan to virtualize those PCs.

Doing so, the physical distance between PCs and PortServer would be much bigger (from 10 m to 10-100 Km).
So, I think I should be able to push a Qos in the TCP/IP communication’s frames between the PC and the remote PortServer, if the frame transport is too slow.
Could you please tell me if there is any information in the frame IN and OUT that can be used to implement a Qos between the Pcs and your devices.

Please feel free to send me email to get more accurate information if needed

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You should be able to achieve those lengths with the proper cable:

Cable specifications for the 10-Mbps 10BaseT cable with RJ-45 connector:
Category 3 or Category 5 UTP with 22 to 24 AWG
Maximum segment length … 100 m (328 ft.) for 10BaseT
Maximum network length …2,800 m (9,186 ft.) (with four repeaters)

Cable specifications and connection limits for 100-Mbps transmission, RJ-45 connector.
Category 5, UTP, 22 to 24 AWG
Maximum segment length … 100m (328 ft.) for 100BaseTX
Maximum network length … 200 m (656 ft.) (with one repeater)

As for the frames, I don’t know if there is any QOS information specifically, this likely depends on the communication protocol being used (i.e. TCP sockets, RealPort, etc…).

Ok, nice, thanks for this quick answer.

In the project in handle we have always succed to install the Port Server at a network address and use it and in independant device from a PC.

But, for the future, the distance between the PC and the Port Server would be much bigger.
So the question that remains is wich type of message are used in the connexion between the PC and the Port Server and what type of Qos can be added on this communication to avoid latency and communication break.
It that clear enough ?

Can I imagine to have another type of contact to clarify my issue.

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Vincent Minon