Incorporate network switch

We’re looking at including an unmanaged switch IC connected to the 9P so that our unit effectively provides a number of different positions to connect the network cable. (And of course it can act as a general hub/switch, which is a bonus)

I wondered whether anyone had any comments from their experience - which chips were good, which to avoid…


I know this is a really old post, but this is something we are now looking at doing, has anyone actually done this?

If so same as steved1 asked, which chips were good, which to avoid…



Unfortunately this project never went anywhere for us, so can’t help.
I do remember I ended up making choices strongly influenced by what chips were readily available - at least one manufacturer replied on the lines of ‘sorry, we’re too busy for new customers at present’

Ok steved2,

Thanks for letting me know…

Micrel do some switch chips and they have reference designs that can be downloaded from their website, so I am looking at those at the minute.

If I get hardware together I will try to remember to post back here…