Initializing Zigbee S2C with mbed & Nucleo 103RB?

Hi Everyone,

I’m running into some problems with initializing a Digi XBee S2C with a NucleoF103RB board.

Currently I’m using the XBeeLib_Fixed from Lorenzo Maiorfi, though I’ve used Digi’s official library as well.

I have my XBee connected to UART 2 (D0/D1) with the reset connected into D2.

Pinout to the F103 Board:

When I try to initialize Zigbee, it returns a fail and I can’t for the life of me get it past the XBeeZB.init(); step.

I’ve configured my Zigbee through XCTU with API mode set to [1] as a coordinator, SM is set to [0]; It’s currently flashed with function set “ZigBee TH Reg” on firmware version 4060.

Here is my code:
#include “mbed.h”
#include “XBeeLib.h”

using namespace XBeeLib;


int main()
XBeeZB xbee = XBeeZB(PA_2, PA_3);
RadioStatus init = xbee.init();
if(init != Success){
PC.printf("Zigbee could not be initialized properly, check pins!

PC.printf("Zigbee Successfully Initialized


RadioStatus reset = xbee.hardware_reset();
if(reset != Success){
    PC.printf("Device was not successfully reset, check your reset pin

PC.printf(“Successfully Reset XBee Device”);