Installation Failed for Digi Connect SP on Windows Server 2012

When trying to install Realport on Windows 2012 server from we get the following error using a Digi Connect SP.

Installation failed!

Failed to install Digi RealPort on your system. (Code 14)
Please contact Digi technical support with the following:

Error: -536870396
File: .\RpDevice_2k.cpp
Line: 528

Any idea what would be causing this to fail? Installs fine on other servers, but on this particular server that we need it installed on it is failing.

make sure you have admin rights. This sounds like a case that may not.

If you’re not already, try using the newest driver from digi’s website. I think you need to make sure you’re installing the 32-bit driver for a 32-bit OS and 64 to 64.

Are you still having this issue after trying the above suggestions?

So far no luck, full admin permissions and using the correct 64-bit installer.

2012 (and 2012 R2) for that matter is supported and that’s the right current RealPort driver.

Did you first extract the .zip file before running the setup? If so, did you right-click setup.exe and choose “Run as Administrator”?