Installation Trouble


I have some trouble installing the Digi-Add-Ins to Visual Studio 2005 for a CC9M2443 with Win CE
Here is what I did:
I have two accounts on my PC, one with admin rights and one for daily work without
I installed VS2005 and WinCE and Digi JumpStart under the admin account. Now I couldn’t see Digi Add-Ins under the limited account (but I could under the admin account).
Now I gave the work account admin rights and startet to install Digi JumpStart under work account again. It told me it will first uninstall and then install new. But when installing new it said, I still have an SDK and I should remove it by hand and click OK when I did it. But it didn’t tell me how to do it and where to find this SDK. I tried to remove some files (copy them somewhere else) but clicking OK brings up the same message again and again.

Now two questions:

  • What shall I do now?
  • How do I get to see the Digi Add-Ins under a limited account?

Thank you for any help


  1. To uninstall the SDK all you need to do is go into Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel and uninstall the ‘ConnectCore 9M24433… SDK’ and any other ConnectCore SDK’s. Once those are gone It should let you continue with the install.

  2. Digi doesn’t support development under a limited account. You must use an administrator account for development.