Digi Add-ins

Using Windows 7, Visual Studio 2005, and ConnectCore Wi-i.MX51. (+Loaded Windows CE 6.0 R3).
None of the “Digi Add-ins” appear to function as described in “Building your first application”. In particular, the Target Administrator dialogue just closes each time the “Save” button is pressed, so there is no chance of pressing the “Set configuration as current”, because that button only works after the “Save” button. Re-opening the ‘Target Administrator’, all options are ‘as new’ (i.e. nothing was saved).
Also, probably related, the “Digi Add-ins” Serial Console dialogue does not appear at all.
Any assistance in this matter welcome, thanks.

Note to self, XP compatibility sorts the ‘Target Administrator’ problem; but not the “Serial Console” dialogue.
Also, no ‘Digi’ specific help in the ‘Help’ menu…

Hi HenyMS,
I didn’t have the same problem but I have problem running the “Target Administrator” add-in. What I have found is that you need to have all default BSP installed on your PC to get it work correctly otherwise the application returns errors.

For example, I am using ConnectCore 9M 2443 devboard and when I am installing the BSP it is also installing the BSP for a ConnectCore 9P/9C for NS9360 processor.

If I remove afterward the other BSP “Target Administrator” stops to work.

Hope this will solve also you problem !

Also, you probably know it but you need to run VS2005 in mode “Run as administrator” otherwise you get plenty of strange behavior.

Thanks for the assistance.
Also thanks to the Digi support team, as they picked up on my “operator error” in respect of the missing ‘Digi’ help: it was just that Help->Contents needed to be unfiltered. (doh).
The “Serial Console” has not appeared, but just using ‘hyperterminal’ instead.

Running VS 2005 and Windows CE 6.0 R3 on Windows 7, the target administrator does not show the ConnectCore Wi-iMX51 as an option. As mentioned above, I tried to install all available BSPs and it did not help. I am running as administrator.

Although, again thanks to the Digi support, I was able to get the ‘ConnectCore’ build system working, and successfully running a managed C# applications on the target, in the end I purchased a second hand laptop which had Windows XP installed. I would recommend this strategy to anybody else interested in developing using the iMX (or other modules). Although the processor may be slightly older, you get ‘hyperterminal’ as standard, and “ActiveSync 4.5” works as intended which simplifies the process of target attaching & running.