Digi Add-ins "Target Administrator" - Load ERROR & no hardware options can be selected

Hello, I’m using ConnectCore i.MX51, Visual Studio 2005 to develop a windows CE 6.0 R3 project.

I installed “Digi Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R3 BSP Support CD” downloaded from digi’s site, all in default.

Then I try to transport my application as described in “Building your first application”, but no options appeared in the Processor and Module fields.

At the first time, I just ignored it and went on other settings.

But when I use “Telnet Console Options” to connect to my device, it returns “Couldn’t connect.”
(in “Telnet Connection” configurations, “Use current Telnet config” is gray and unavailable, so I enter my ip address in the IP field (both host and target be tried) )

Then I try to open “Target Administrator” again to reconfigure the options, and I get some errors like this:
Load Error Couldn’t load the resources file.
Unable to read value Telnet_Connection of group General from New Configuration 1.xml
Unable to read value IP of group General from New Configuration 1.xml
Unable to read value Host of group General from New Configuration 1.xml
Unable to read value Telnet_Port of group General from New Configuration 1.xml
Unable to read value Telnet_Timeout of group General from New Configuration 1.xml

The “Target Administrator” seems not working.

Any suggestions on how to deal with this problem. Thanks.

I finally find that when I start “Target Administrator” it will create the folder “Windows Embedded Compact 7” under C:\Program Files\Digi, and my “New Configuration 1.xml” file is created in C:\Program Files\Digi\Windows Embedded Compact 7\Add-ins\Remote_Configurations
I installed VS2008 before, but then uninstalled it and I’m using Visual Studio 2005 and windows CE now.

Hello, I also have the same problem and hope you can help me with this. Where do I change the settings so “Visual Studio/Target Administrator” will point to the correct directory. Thank You, Gerard

Hi ,

It seems to be in the Digi BSP they had to disable the i.MX51. The only thing the Target administrator does is to create a configuration file with the information of the network configuration you would like to use with Telnet or FTP Add-In independently of the platform.

In the Digi’s help document mentioned the properly how to connect to the target board .

Go through the open vs2005–>help–>Contents–>filteredby as unfiltered–>Digi jump start for windows embedded CE 6.0–>Developing applications with Visual Studio–>Deploy and debug applications–>Device Transport configuration
You can get more information here.

Hello Carrin,

By the way which windows ce are you using ?

wince 6.0 (or) windows embedded compact 7?
The Digi BSP also different for wince 6.0 and embedded compact 7. Based on your OS choose correct Digi BSP.

I think it is better to send your query directly to Digi tech support.
you can get more information on this.