Connect core 9m2443 install Windows CE 6.0

Hi, All
I have a new connect core 9m 2443 modul.
What can i , install windows ce 6.0 os on module?


you can not install the Windows ce 6.0 os on the module.
you can update the wince image on the module.
When you instal digi jsk,
from this location you can get the default wince image for cc9m2443 module.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Digi\Windows Embedded CE 6.0\Images\ConnectCore Wi-9M 2443\wince

This image(wce-CCWi9M2443) you can update on to the module.

If you want to develop new Wince image , you have to install the Windows ce 6.0 on your development system.


Thanks. cpigilam.
can you share documentation or links, how to update image method or module with me?

Hi ,

If you install the Digi’s JSK software , you can get the help documents in vs2005 .they mentioned everything over there.
“Digi jump start for windows embedded CE6.0 user’s guide”