Installing and configuring NFS?


I have the Connect ME9210 Linux development kit and board. I installed the Kbuntu Linux host from the CDROM and ran some of the sample programs… no problems here.

Since I am more familiar with Ubuntu v9.04, I reinstalled the DigiESP system on that Ubuntu… again no problems.

Now I want to be able to use NFS for my application development. According to search topics everyone says it is easy to install and configure, therefore everyone ends up saying that’s why there is no NFS GUI’s.

I am not finding NFS quite that easy to install. Using the Synaptics Program Installer I see NFS is available for for kernel mode and for User mode. Also there is NFSv3 and NFSv4. Which should I use… the kernel mode serer or the user mode server? And should I use v3 or v4?

Can someone point me to a straight-forward tutorial or HOW-to to help me get NFS up and running? Any pointers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

After running with the FTP target upload option for a day, FTP doesn’t seem too bad. Mainly because the Eclipse IDE handles the FTP upload transparently. Maybe NFS is really not needed here.

More later as I progress…

Did you try and succeed to ftp an kernel/fs image?
As you I’ve the Kubuntu 9.04 and I can’t manage to download an image with the NFSROOT. Then I’ve unchecked the “Export Root file system to an NFS Directory”. But when I try to install the image it says “NFS directory not found, nfs-rootfs not installed”.
Sorry but I’m new on the linux system and development and as you, I’ve to progress in the understanding of how stuff works…

Ok, I managed to use the NFS. This one is mandatory for booting target over the host.
Simply use the Kubuntu version supplied with the CD and modify some NFS conf file as stated in the begining of the manual.
Also, It seems that U-boot must have a fixed IPaddress configuration when booting over ethernet (not a dhcp lease).