Installing Digi Connect ME 9210 - repartition time

I’m installing the Digi Connect ME 9210 ESP onto a linux pc and when I get to the re-partition window it seems stuck at 50%. How long should I leave it as it hasn’t moved for over 1 hour and the disk access light does not flash?

It shouldn’t take that long, something could be wrong with the disk. To check if the disk is working properly, can you try this on another machine?

Hi Campbell, Thanks for the reply. My network manager will not allow me to load it onto our main machines so I’m using a spare linux pc. I left it running overnight and this morning saw the error message about not being able to inform the kernel of changes. I was able to move on though and eventually I successfully installed the Dig ESP, however, I cannot see any of my original linux files. It appears that the original disk has been replaced despite saying it was partitioning. How can I check if my original linux is still there?

Hi, I’ve now managed to find my old linux using a rescue disk and think I know what’s going on. When I try to use grub to set my old linux it says it cannot find my /boot/brub/stage1 files. After some research it seems that my old linux has grub2 installed which does not use the stage1 file. So I think that the Digi install is using grub but my original linux is using grub2. Does this make sense? If so should I update my new Digi distribution to grub2?

When installing Digi embedded Linux, you can also install the linux ubuntu operating system, the version of grub looks like is grub2.

(GRUB) 1.99-21ubuntu3

I usually install it using VMware on a windows machine, never had this issue. I have also used Oracle’s vitural box and it installs without any errors or issues.

Thanks Campbell, It was a grub issue. It seems my original grub was not grub2 so I installed it and now I have a loggon screen displaying all partitions. I can now boot up in either. I must say that I’m very impressed with the Digi ESP. What I’ve done so far has been very straightforward and I’ve been able to program the Connect module to talk on my network. Thanks again.