Internet cafe for community - in over my head - samaritan

Hello digi-community!

At the start of our community it was clear that we are of the digital generation and we needed ample internet to stay connected and get research done and we want to offer guests and volunteers the same. Our plan to stream live workshops means reliability is paramount too.

As we wanted to settle in rural Portugal there were only a few valable options from which LTE was the winner. As digital manager I settled on the WR11 for the many settings, focus on reliability, dual sims and external antennas versus the cheap huawei stuff.

I was prepared for a learning curve. But not this much of one :P.
I am no beginner but many of the options of our device I am only getting the gist of.

At the base, my setup here works wonderfully. Internet is fast and we have a good base network throughout our base both wireless and cable. But that’s about it.

I barely dare to touch the advanced nor change the current settings for I might break something. My head is spinning trying to understand settings for which I do not find enough intermediate learning material. It all seems to be written for experts.

My dual sim setup is patchy, I am getting a hilarious amount of error mails for uptime values and sometimes the connection flunks out for god knows which reason. I seriously lack troubleshooting-tools.
I am trying to get a handle on wireshark to find out which device raiding our monthly volume as it seems to fly out the door for lack of a better and easier solution.
Also setting up a throttled and separated guest network with a couple of dd-wrt devices and a pay-wall proves harder then imagined.
I even struggle to assign an opennic DNS as some settings simply will not save.

In short, I am in need of a good Samaritan to guide me trough this settings-forest a bit so I can streamline the experience visitors and residents will get.

I have all the usual channels at my disposal at your leisure to chose from: this forum, email, cellphone, skype, discord, mumble, facebook, telegram or irc. I will install anything that suits your needs.

Our eternal gratitude, HOME Community.

Signed, Joris, unofficial digital manager.