ionhubsys64 causing BSOD on Server 2012 R2

Using AnywhereUSB2 for a hardware dongle in a VMWare environment, we started seeing BSOD and high cpu utilization caused by ionhubsys64.sys after last month’s Windows updates. Is there any fix to this? I noticed that the software hasn’t been updated since January 2013. Just looking for some support for this product. Thanks in advance.

What firmware and driver version is the AnywhereUSB device running?
To determine the AnywhereUSB driver version, run the AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility, click View / Driver Information, and note the version of the first (.sys) file. The firmware version should be listed in the web interface or AnywhereUSB Configuration Utility.

What specific USB dongle is connected to the AnywhereUSB device?

We uninstalled the driver because of the BSOD’s but the version 3.51.49

Firmware is 2.30.0005

The firmware version format for the AWUSB/2 should be like 1.xx.xx. Look in the web UI under “Update Firmware” to check it. What firmware is the unit actually running?

3.51.49 is an older driver. The BSOD issue you were facing could have been fixed in a newer driver. The current version is 3.80, so I suggest installing that version to see if it helps.