BSOD, AwUsbSys64.sys


We are using the AnywhereUSB/2.
On our Win Server 2008R2 we get randomly (weekly) BSOD caused by AwUsbSys64.sys (0x000000d1)

About 2 weeky above we updatet the Digi Driver to the lastest Version 3.51.49, because with the old driver we lost randomly the connection to the usb-device. So downgrade is no option :frowning:

I found the following post, but the driver of the doungle seems up to date (Only tested by WindowsDriversearch)

In the Drivers-Readme I found the following info
If you put awusbsys and awvusbd under Driver
Verifier, it would cause a blue-screen because of the DV filter.

Can anybody help to find the problem and stop the BSOD?

Many thanks

same problem here, already a fix??

regards Jeroen

update the drive and the firmware, also update the drivers of the dongle connecting to the AUSB