BSOD AwUsbSys64.sys Win2003 & Win2008R2

we are using AnywhereUSB/14 Hub (frimware We have the software installed on different Windows 2003 and Windows 2008 R2 Servers, driver AwUsbSys64.sys - 3.60.60. Aladdin HASP key installed on the AnywhereUSB. Aladdin driver on the server - version 5.40 (no newer). The servers are crashing daily and what we see in the dump is:

Crash date: Wed Apr 9 19:52:54.031 2014 (GMT+4)
Stop error code: 0xD1
Process name: Idle
Probably caused by: AwUsbSys64.sys ( AwUsbSys64+73c7 )

Anyone having an idea?

You are using a really old firmware, I recommend to update to the 1.51 firmware

What is the driver version and date for the Aladdin dongle?
(You can find this information in Device Manager)