Is it possible to connect two USB 2 Plus?

Hi There

I would like to connect two Digi AnyWhereUSB 2 Plus to an existing network and connect two USB devices together. Like an extender except to use it in an IP network.

Is this possible with the Didi AnyWhereUSB 2 Plus?



Hi Dimitri,

welcome to Digi Forums! So, basically, you can connect two Anywhere USB plus 2 to the same network and both will be visible on PC/Servers where you install Anywhere USB manager. In the main window you will see both AWUSB plus devices so you will have in total 4 USB ports.

Please also check the User Guide here: Get started with your AnywhereUSB® Plus to have an overview on what needs to be configured to get started with this product.

I hope this helps!

Digi Technical Support