Is RCM6700 CAN bus via FIM detailed information available?

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When migrating to the RCM6700 we wish to add CAN bus communications via the FIM most likely on parallel port E. Which PIC instruction set does the FIM implement? Does the FIM support CAN 2.0A and B protocol?

I see FIMPROG.LIB in DC10.72D as the PIC binary program loader utility. Is there any CAN bus or other utility in the public domain available for FIM testing/evaluation?

I’m also looking for CANTX and CANRX pin assignment and CAN bus protocol engine, message buffering and control register programming.

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I don’t believe Digi has published about the FIM peripherals beyond what you see in the Rabbit 6000 documentation (

As such, I don’t think they’re going to offer much support or additional information about the feature beyond what you can find on the website. I don’t personally know why the feature wasn’t promoted more (for example, by providing pre-compiled FIM code or documentation on setting up a development environment and writing a “Hello, World” app for a FIM).

I would advise implementing your CAN bus code within the main program on the Rabbit 6000. It will be easier to develop, debug and maintain in the long run.

I want to implement CAN 2.0 protocol in my RCM6700 module, Where i can find APIs for this? Please help.

Digi doesn’t provide a CAN implementation in the libraries included with Dynamic C, so you’ll either need to port an existing library to the Rabbit or write your own.