Is Series 1 and Series 2 compatible?

I have Series 1, end nodes and co-ordinator out on a field. Is there a way I can replace Series 1 co-ordinator with a Series 2 co-ordinator using the same channel and PanID to received Series 1 end nodes packets?

Basically, I would like to add more end nodes and routers to the site using Mesh but also want to be able to keep the existing Series 1 network untouched except for the co-ordinator.

Is it possible?

No, series 1 and series 2 are not compatible, so if you had a series 2 coordinator you’d need series 2 routers/end nodes to talk to it.


We have an xbee net with a series 1 coordinator and several series 1 and 2 routers, all communicating without any problem(so they are compatible?!) Now we have changed the coordinator with a new one, a series 2 pro, will it work fine in the same way?

Series 1 (i.e. 802.15.4) and Series 2 (i.e. ZNet 2.5) are NOT compatible.

Also, the idea of a “Coordinator” is not relevant to 802.15.4, since 802.15.4 is strictly point-to-point or point-to-multipoint, not Mesh.

Difference between Series 1 and Series 2 modules are here,