series I & II compatible?

couple questions regarding the below radios…


XB24-AWI-001: series I

XB24-BWIT-004: series II

regarding differences between them, i [see current & receiving current & transmitting data] values are slightly different and a small diff if price.

  1. are the above 802.15.4 series I & II compatible with each other?

  2. are there more config options with the series II to make it a better “buy” over the series I?



these are only for mesh networks, yes? that being said, at the minimum, does one need a “router” along with the coordinator and end device(s) to get them to communicate?



Answer to Q1: no, they’re not compatible.

To Q2, the series 2 has more config options but whether that makes them a better buy is for you to decide. The big difference is that with series 2 you get routers so your network isn’t limited in physical size by the need for direct communication between nodes. Of course, you can also have routers with series 1 if you switch to Digimesh firmware. The big advantage of series 1 (802.15.4) IMHO is that because it’s simpler it’s easier to work with.

Q3: I don’t think you need a router if the modules are in range of each other, but I’m no mesh expert. I hope someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

i guess for series I, one has to convert to digi-mesh. for $2usd more i think i’d opt for the series II.

you’re right about series I, they are much simpler to setup than say the digimesh. i’m just now experimenting with the digimesh version in “XBP24-Z7WIT” modules. series I is much easier!

i too hope someone lets me know if a “router” radio is required. i’m putting in an order to digi-key as soon as i get feedback on that.

thanks john

Difference between Series 1 and Series 2 modules can be found at the following link,