Is the xbee grove development board not compatible with an arduino and other regular sensors such as PIR and LDR ?

Hi, We purchased a digi Xbee Zigbee mesh kit, for a proposed street light project. The modules are fine and working well, except that I am not able to configure / make it work with an arduino. Is the xbee grove development board not compatible with an arduino?. The second issue is when I tried connecting the grove xbee board ( without arduino) with an ldr sensor or pir sensor, I see that I am not able to see the sensor data being displayed on the xctu. I made the xbee module with sensor as router and the other xbee connected to PC as coordinator. I tried to troubleshoot by referring to the xbee development guide, but I see that it is not responsive. Kindly suggest. Thank you

No, it is not an Arduino board.

What kind of interface do these LDR or PIR sensors require?

I have managed to make the arduino uno board work with the XBEE, if you still need information about it, please let me know

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Are you able to receive real-time data on the end device from an XBee coordinator unit through an IDE code?
I can achieve it only if I send the data through the serial monitor. But I can’t transfer the information printed on the Serial Monitor in real-time to the end unit. Is there a need for an additional Arduino in a direct UART connection to Arduino on the end device for this purpose?