Which Grove sensors are compatible for XBee S3B DigiMesh Kit Grove Development Boards

I have the XBee S3B DigiMesh Kit that comes with 3 XBee RF modules and 3 Grove development boards that have 6 ports to connect Grove senors to. I can communicate between the 3 XBee RF modules just fine using the Digi Python library.

However, when I connect a separately purchased Grove sensor, specifically Grove Temperature-Humidity sensor Pro v1.3 AM2302 (https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/seeed-technology-co-ltd/101020019/1597-1138-ND/5482616), I keep getting High Voltage readings that don’t change.

Initially, I thought it was that the pull-up/down internal resistors were incorrectly set, but Tech support said the issue is that that sensor uses a serial interface and cannot communicate directly to the XBee Grove Development board and must go thru a micro-controller. But in my situation I can’t use a micro-controller and will need to buy a new sensor that is compatible.

So my question is which Grove sensor is compatible with these XBee Digi Grove development boards. What kind of communication interface or specification does it need to have in order for it to communicate directly via the Grove development board?

Thank you!