RE: Wireless Connectivity Kit/THT Grove Development Board


I am using a THT Grove Development Board. I was looking for examples. Can I program these boards and if I can, what software should I use, i.e. Python, XCTU, or another?

I have a Wireless Connectivity Kit. I am lacking instruction on this subject and I am just “jumping” back into these devices.

I am trying to program an i2c device with a Grove Connection.


P.S. If you have time, I would really like some feedback.

The Grove board by its self has no processor or anything for you to write code to. It is simply an interface board to connect an XBee to a known connection type. That is connect the XBee modules ADC or DIO function to a Grove style header.

The XBee would be configured using XCTU or any other Terminal based communications software using the radios AT commands.

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Hello mvut,

Seth here. I just realized that answer was correct and that the Grove system does not have a processor.

I am going to attach it to my BeagleBone Black and get back to you. Thank you for your input.


P.S. I feel silly about what I posted now. Thank you for clearing things up.

You can configure the xbee radios using XCTU. I have some python code that talks to the Grove sensors via Python. I believe (not being an expert) you need a coordinator xbee node connected to a microprocessor like an adrunio, Raspberry Pi or PC via xbee API mode then you can communicate with standalone xbees in AT mode (on the same network scan code).