Is there a new PXBee SDK release?

This morning Codewarrior indicated that there were some new packages. One was the Package Manager, and the other 2 looked like a new PXBee SDK, version 1.5.7. When it downloaded the Package Manager, it restarted Codewarrior, and after that I could not get the lib and ext packages for the SDK. It said something about the files are missing when the download failed. Is there a new framework version? Can I download it somewhere else or fix my Codewarrior download somehow?

I would suggest using the package manager and re-downloading the update.,

I tried that, after flashing “Downloading” briefly, it shows “Error on process” with this in the text box below:

ERROR: Problems on secure connection
Installing sdk_157_lib package…
ERROR: Package sdk_157_lib is missing

You are most likely going to need to remove and reinstall the SDK then,

After re-installing the SDK it downloaded and installed 1.5.7 just fine. Thanks!

Hey, i’m having this exact same problem and haven’t been able to resolve it either.

Have you tried uninstalling the PXBee SDK from the Control Panel and re-installing it from the downloadable installer? Then I was able to update in the Package Manager.

I was able to update SDK to 1.5.7 after 2-3 attempts

But yes I have to admit fact that it was very slow process and I had to handle Code Warrior very delicately.

Few extra click here and there and it was all stuck, forcing me to kill it.