is there a portable version of digi port authority for windows that doesn't need to be installed ?

We don’t have admin rights on our PCs and want to run Digi Port Authority from a different PC to where it;s installed. Is there a portable version we can run from a USB stick ?

I don’t believe such a thing exists.

There is a standalone .exe version of the (similar) Digi Device Discovery Utility. It might still require Admin privileges though, but it may be worth trying.

Standalone version of Device Discovery Utility:

Keep in mind, the Device Discovery Utility is more limited. It only allows you to see (and change, if needed) IP settings of most Digi devices and lacks some of the other features that Port Authority has.

Thanks, Jeremym, but I’ve managed to achieve this by copying the programfiles\digi folder structure from an installed version to my USB stick and running dpar.exe from that.

Super, thanks for sharing the tip!