Is there any example code that implements a zigbee device that can operate in a public application profile?

Ok the logical devices sound hopeful.

Really the main thing here is I’m not at all a programer. I do understand it, can read most of it, and most importantly usually I can take what someone else has written and make it do what I want for my specific use case.

What I’m running into here is I can’t seem to find a single example of any code that creates a device that can operate in a public application profile with non digi devices. Unfortunately my world isn’t inside a bubble where I control or even want to control both end points.

I know the API is fully documented etc, and technically anyone can build everything they need from that, but I’m desperately searching for sample code that performs the full function of a zigbee endpoint device that operates in a public application profile with non digi devices.

Maybe I’m the first person that is actually trying to solve this, and from searching online it certainly feels like it, but I’m sure I am not.

The only sample code I am aware of is for the programmable XBee modules in the SDK,

You should dig around on this site ( He has connected at least one HA Profile device to his Xbee network. He uses the xbee-api on Arduino but also uses python api on Raspi.

I am working my way through getting the Digi provided api (on Github) into a state where it is more understandable and useable on Windows (with VS2013) and Arduino (Atmel Studio) . Esp. for End Devices there is a lot more code in that lib than is needed.

Not ready to share it yet, maybe another month.



Any update on this matter. I have about 20 different kid of zigbee ha profile devices but so far I haven’t be able to fully connect the devices to the xbee zb coordinator. xctu see those for a while but after about 30 second the zigbee ha device disappears and the connected light on zigbee HA device disappears

Any ideas how to connect the zigbee HA devices permanently to the mexh network.

Other thing I noticed that I can set zigbee profile to 01 also. The the added devices keeps on appearing and disappearing in the xctu program…

which XBee module and firmware version are you working with? Not all of the XBee Zigbee devices function with the HA profile.

So far the only thing I have seen is people trying to create their own controller to control other properly defined end points.

I’m on the exact other end, where I want to create an end-point that will communicate and function with any properly defined controller off the shelf.

I can’t be the first person to want to do this can I?