Is ZDO Endpoint enabled on ZNet2.5 router/end device firmware


I have two Xbee ZNet2.5 devices - one is flushed with ZNet 2.5 Coordinator API v1147 and the other - with ZNet 2.5 Router/End Device v1347. That’s my whole ZigBee network for the moment. Both devices are configured with AP=2 and AO=1. I was trying to send requests to the coordinator to address the ZDO endpoint on the router and send requests like Node_descr_req, Active_endpoints_req, etc via Explicit Addressing ZigBee Command Frame (0x11). I got no success in addressing the ZDO endpoint - the error back is ADDRESS_NOT_FOUND. At the same time the Data endpoint (0xe8) works OK. Another observation is that the router device shows some light indication when accessed on the data endpoint, while there is no such thing when accessing the ZDO endpoint.

My question is: is the ZDO endpoint enabled on an XBee router with ZNet 2.5 firmware?

Router 64-bit address is 0x00 0x13 0xa2 0x00 0x40 0x31 0x7c 0x38.

Here are the request and response frames:
0x7e 0x00 0x17 0x7d 0x31 0x01 0x00 0x7d 0x33 0xa2 0x00 0x40 0x31 0x7c 0x38 0xff 0xfe 0xe8 0x00 0x00 0x05 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x00 0x01 0x1e 0x84 0x86

0x7e 0x00 0x07 0x8b 0x01 0xff 0xfe 0x00 0x24 0x00 0x52
[com.rapplogic.xbee.examples.zigbee.ZNetExplicitSender_ZDOTest] received response apiId=ZNET_TX_STATUS_RESPONSE (0x8b),length=7,checksum=0x52,error=false,frameId=0x01,remoteAddress16=0xff 0xfe,retryCount=0,deliveryStatus=ADDRESS_NOT_FOUND,discoveryStatus=NO_DISCOVERY

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The ZDO endpoint is supported in ZB firmware, which is just a firmware upgrade for ZNet modules. See

Thank you. That solved my problem.

I’m a little bit confused. Which is the better firmware for my XBee modules? The ZNet 2.5 or the ZB one?

Which supports the full ZigBee feature set?

I would like to access the ZDO.

Another question i would like to ask:
Which firmware can be uploaded on my XBee module?
X-CTU says “Modem: XBEE” and i can choose between “XB24”, “XB24-B” and “XB24-ZB” … and many others.
Can i upload every firmware which has “Modem: XBEE” shown?

If you want the Zigbee or Zigbee Pro featureset, you’ll need to use the ZB firmware.

As far as what firmware can be used on your modules, what you can select in XCTU is irrelevant, since you could select any type of radio or functionset whether or not its compatible with the XBee itself (you wouldn’t be able to burn the firmware on the chip, but that’s beside the point).

To find out what firmwares your particular module is compatible with, check its part number.

If part number starts with XB24-B, XBP24-B, XB24-Z7, or XBP24-Z7, you can load ZB firmware on that module. If the module is one of the Z7 types, ZB firmware is what it originally shipped with.