Issue SSHing onto Digi ME 9210


I’ve recently switched computers and now cannot seem to SSH onto my Digi Connect ME 9210. Embedded Linux boots up properly on the device, which I can confirm from a serial connection, and my coworker can SSH onto the device properly with his set up. I’ve confirmed that there is no IP conflicts, but every time I enter:

ssh root@

The above IP address being the address of my device, receive the following error:

ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused

I’ve searched around the Internet, but most of the solutions seem to be either dealing with IP conflicts, or SSHD not running on a server. How can I fix or get around this issue?


Hello Jake,
Just have a question, can you ping the host from the workstation that is refusing your connection?

like Campbell said make sure that you can ping device from host.

If so create a new kernel/rootfs project and in rootfs configuration make sure you have added ssh.
Rebuild and flash onto module.

This should work.

try disabling firewall also.