IX10 Configuration Problems

I have a new IX10 and I am using the WebUI to configure.

If I try to apply a setting that, for reasons unknown, is not correct, I see the popup error message saying it was not saved. However, as a result, the WebUI stops working. If I try to login, the login fails. I have to manually cycle the power on the IX10 and then can login okay.

In particular, I am trying to setup DHCP Static Leases. I input the MAC using the colon separated format, a hostname and IP address. When I Apply the new setting, I see the error message. The host itself is not yet connected because I’m trying to preconfigure the IX10 before deploying it.

So, there are two questions: 1) Why do I have to cycle power to get back to the WebUI? and 2) Why can’t I input Static Leases? Is there some trick to this?

The problem ended up being a timeout on the WebUI. Each time I changed a config setting, I would have to read about it first. By the time I returned to the WebUI to make the change, it had timed out.

The big problem is, there is no warning whatsoever that this has happened. So, there is a fault in the design of the WebUi.