joined node not in list

I have an XBP24-ZB Pro module running ZIGBEE COORDINATOR API 2141. It allows my TI Zigbee Pro module to join the network but the TI router node does not show up in the node list using “display mesh” or python function getnodelist.
I verified that the TI node joined the network and has the same PANID as the coordinator. Why doesn’t it show up in the node list?


Hi Rick,

The display mesh function sends a Digi device discovery command that is supported in the Digi profile. (Only Digi XBee devices respond to the command.)

If your TI module can send a data packet to the gateway, and if the data packet includes the 64-bit source address, then the gateway should add your device to the list. Do you have a way to enable the 64-bit source address in your data transmissions?