Joining process of end device while multiple coordinator available

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I am having trouble while implementing zigbee based network. There are multiple coordinator and end device involved. Please provide me some input regarding following questions.

If more than one coordinator available in network area then which coordinator end device choose to join with? What is the process to be followed by end device while joining network in such scenario?

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The End device will join the first network that responds to the Join request. But it you want to limit it on how it joins, set NJ to 0x00.

Hi mvut,

Thank you for your response. I can’t make NJ to 0x00 because end device has to join specific coordinator. Is it possible that among three coordinator end device will join with the one which has maximum channel energy (coordinator which is nearer to it)?

  1. This isn’t Programmable XBee specific, is it?

  2. You can use scan channels (SC) feature to separate the coordinator into different channels and assign a specific SC to the end device(s) - this way the end device will “see” only the specific coordinator during the scan to join.

Thank you for the response…

The network is going to be dynamic. It is co-located multiple zigbee network (HAN). I can not go with algorithm you have suggested.
However I have used NJ=0 and while joining I am firing CB=2 at both side.