libusb ( does not see devices attached

Generation: 2nd
OS: Win7.1-64, Enterprise
Remark: OS runs as guest in a VDI VM (VMWare, vSphere 5.0.0)
Problem: libusb is not able to “see” and enumerate ports of USB devices being attached to AW-USB-2


I am in charge of the complete development environment and IT infrastructure for our dev and test teams.
Right now we are on a very big project and we are using one of your devices that unfortunately is not working 100% as we would like with libusb DLL under Windows.

We purchased following device:
Using latest drivers and firmware from your site.
We talk to USB devices in user mode on Win 7.1-64 host machines via libusb DLL.
We use latest available (GIT) libusb source base.

Now when libusb attempts to parse the bus tree is sees the new (network) redirected hub but is not able to retrieve port numbers hence cannot access attached devices. It seems libusb is relying on the fact it can read out port numbers, please check that link relating similar issues:

Error being thrown by libusb (in debug mode) is following:

[ 0.000000] [00001034] libusb: warning [windows_get_device_list] could not retrieve port number for device ‘\.\AWUSB#ROOT_HUB_002#ROOT_HUB_10.0.42.88_0’, skipping: [13] The data is invalid

So there are two options for us: heavily adapt libusb (not an option in our business) or kindly ask you if you may adapt the driver on your side such as libusb would be able to retrieve port numbers. Could that be an option?

Much thanks for a quick answer, this really is critical for us.

Anybody? Thanks Chris