List connected to: API mode

I’m trying to build a prototype network using XBees (Model:XBEE2) in API mode.
The setup is one Coordinator and a number of routers.
I have the Coordinator connected to the computer and can in XCTU see in network discovery that everything is connected and seems to work.
In the network discovery window I can also see a list on each node which other nodes it is connected to.
My question is: can I somehow with AT commands or something via the API mode get that list? For example i have a router connected to a Arduino and in my code I want to save the list of which other nodes the current node is directly connected to? Should I use the ND command? I can’t understand from the documentation how to list the connections of a specific node.

You would need to use API Explicit mode with ZDO commands. In this case a neighbor table look up on each node.