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this probably is a very stupid question but how do you load a new image into a “blank” Digi me (with a JTAG). im using net+os 7.4. Is there a separated programming program for it?.

now for my second question i have uploaded some file using the digi sample program. only these file are still on the flash memory with every other application. How can i remove these files from the flash

Many thank for reading this and really any help would be much appreciated.

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The cygwin installation installed a program entitled gdbtk. Now assuming you have a physical debugger , a segger jlink for example and you have the segger software running (acts as a go-between between the device and your pc) and assuming you have the jlink and its cable corrected connected to your device then it depends. Are you running from the IDE (ESP) or from a cygwin shell?

ESP: build a project. Then right click on the project and select debug. ESP starts up the segger software and the download begins.

command line (no ESP) - build your project. then in the 32b directory
type gdbtk -se image.elf

To remove files from the flash file system. Easiest way. create a project that includes the ftp service & the file system. Then ftp into the device and use std ftp delete command to delete the files as needed.

thx for the reply dakotas dad.

Removing the files from the flash was easy to do indeed with the ftp server example thank you for that.

For programming the Digi connect me i do indeed have a jtag link with a development board. For debugging i have a digi connect me with jtag link. But now i have also got some digi connect me without jtag link that i want to program as stand alones.

But i can load the image into the blank digi connect me without jtag using the ESP environment? I thought that you needed the jtag link on the digi connect me for that(im using net+os 7.4).(sorry if i was to unclear in the first message)

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For a blank module you need to use FTP to initially program your application into the module. Digi provide a default app in new modules that allow programming via FTP.

You do need to ensure that the application that you load can also be programmed via either FTP or the Web interface. If you do not get this right you end up with a Digi ME that CANNOT easily be reprogrammed.

With the ESP standard project template you get Web based programming interface, and this is simple to use. You do need to check your application very carefully on the JTAG units before you program non-JTAG units, or you will wind up with units that are difficult to recover

Many thanks rdeabill

it is very clear for me now. Will do some testing today with it. I already have the standard web interface in my program but many thanks for the warning. Once more many thanks

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i have 1 question are there any pdf or some more information about
loading a new image into a “Blank” digi?? couldn’t find anything on
this subject.

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If you open up ESP and then from the menu select

“Help/Welcome” then “Tutorials” and then “Deploying an application to a device”, and it will provide a tutorial that may help you with this.

many thank totally forgot about the tutorials

Hi,here is my method to load new image into a “blank” Digi me (with a JTAG),you can have a look:

public static REImage OpenImageFile(string filePath);
public static REImage OpenImageFile(string filePath, BaseDecoder dec);