log in attempts

We have recently upgraded one of our cm32 to v1.7.0.1 Ever since the upgrade we have been experiencing issues with user logins. It appears that if the password is incorrectly typed after about 3 attempts, it locks you out of the device. I have not been able to find a configurable parameter to eliminate this issue. Any ideas? We didn’t have this issue when running on a much older version.



Since you upgraded from a “much older version” to the, I’d recommend factory defaulting your Digi CM. A lot of options/features were changed, improved, or added, and that’s probably the source of the problems you’re seeing. If you still have problems after a factory default on the new firmware, please call tech support and open a ticket.

When I performed the upgrade, because it was from such an old version if factory defaulted itself and I had to reconfigure from scratch. I will go ahead and open a ticket to research the issue.