Lost Static IP Address

I have custom code under Net+OS 7.5 running on a Connect ME. The device is configured with a static IP address. Yet, every few seconds, the IAM Callback function, “customizeIamEventCallback,” is being called with the event set to “NA_IAM_ADDR_LOST.” I know this can occur for a DHCP address that is released, but why for a static address? Immediately after this, it “re-acquires” the same static address (the callback is called again with event = “NA_IAM_ADDR_CONFIGURED”). For what it’s worth, IPV6_ENABLED is defined as false. My company has thousands of these devices in the field, and I’m seeing this on only one of them. We’ve confirmed there are no other devices with the same static address on the LAN. The address is outside the DHCP server’s range. How can you “lose” a static address? Has any one else ever experienced this? At this point, I’m open to any ideas to debug this.


In my experience, you will get that “lost ip address” message when the ethernet cable loses contact with the device. I’d look for :
Loose cable at the device
Loose cable at switch/hub
Anything else that might cause the device to lose contact with the network in general

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You nailed it! I had the customer replace the cable between the device and the router and all is working fine!
Thanks for the tip.