NET+OS 7.5, when a static IP is assigned, the board will not obtain that IP, rather a default of

I have a program running under NET+OS 7.5, when a static IP is assigned, the board will not obtain that IP, rather a default of Disconnecting and reconnecting the ethernet cable or executing the miireneg command get the correct IP address. However, is obtained on a reboot. Why?
Processor is a NS9210B-0-I75

Is ETH link actually going up upon reboot? where is coming from? your appconf.h? your network? can you run a network trace and see if some internal DHCP server other then your expected one responds to the module on boot? can you re-test this using PC and crossover cable. You can run tftpd32/tftpd64 to have a dhcp server running on your PC

Thank you for the reply. is the default for the program/firmware. This occurs with a static IP configured, via a crossover connection, and if on a network with no DHCP. A wireshark capture shows that the program will first do a arp request for the IP configured, then immediately do a gratuitous arp request for

Any ideas/

what kind of application are you running? Do you have all the Netos patches installed via package manager? Do you have a developement board? if so can you try it on unmodified BSP with basic sample app? I have never seen anything like this.


I do not have a development board. I believe all NetOs patches have been applied.

It is an SNMP application that can be used to monitor various environmental alarms/systems. It does not happen all the time, but when it does, it seems to be persistent. A miireneg command, a reboot, or a disconnect/reconnect of the Ethernet cable will resolve the issue, until the board is rebooted.

I am stumped.
If there is more information I can give to help you help me, please let me know.

Hello all,

Does anyone have any feedback on this topic?

What happens if you assign the static address in the appconf.h file instead of doing it through a crossover cable?

I would take look at the code that assigns the default address on your specific program/firmware which seems to be over writing the static address that is already assigned to the board when there is loss of power.