LTH sensors , how to configure for a continuous sensing.

I’m a new user for LTH’s on X2 controller.

I’ve managed to compile an application with the ESP and get a web presentation out of it , having the the 3 sensing by sensor displayed.

Though this is working fine it seems to me particularly slow to react.

EG if I move the sensor under a strong light , it takes at best 20 second before showing on the webpage

I understand that there are “wake-up” and “sleep” setting to prevent the batteries from draining too fast ,
however as i plan to run the LTH with dc power as shown here i would like to be able to change the settings as to have them always turned on (including the x2) and therefore be able to register the change of temperature/humidity/brightness with in 1-2 sec max.

This is the configuration I’m using.

Can please somebody point me out the parameters i should change as to get the LTH always broadcasting their datas?

Thanks a million.

You will need to modify your application so that it polls the data more frequently as well as setting the SM command to a 0 value.

Hello mvut. Thanks for your reply.

I did not encode my own python application.
I’ve been using the ESP for python where I start an empty project (DIA) with the YML file. (references here)

Said so… all the parameters i have available are the ones shown here

you can easily distinguish the ones under the x2 itself , and the ones available in the yml file. In none of those i can see the SM value.

I’m running a Web presentation mode.
Would be the tcp/csv presentation faster?


Do you see anything else in that list which would change the behivinr