Xbee USB Stick and Xbee Sensor

Hello, some months ago i configured the Xbee STICK as a coordinator for some Xbee LTH sensors, now i’ve reset the stick and all sensors in order to configure a new network from scratch. Sensors don’t join the network anymore, i tried changing some stick parameters without success.
What is the configuration of the stick in order to let LTH (with factory default) sensor joining the network?

I’m going to assume you are running ZB and not SE firmware.

A few things could cause this problem. By default the LTH will join the first pan id that it sees. If you have other coordinators in the area it might help to disable them until you can get the LTH to join the xstick.

In order for the sensors to join they must match firmware, pan id, encryption, and have compatible sleep settings. The coordinator must also allow joining (see NJ value). ZS values, Zigbee Stack, must also match.

Yes, i’m running the ZB firmware and it is the only coordinator around here. NJ and ZS values are ok.
I don’t know LTH default parameters, firmware, encryption, sleep settings because they can be seen only by a remote coordinator after they join the network and no documentation is provided about them.

Hello, i finally suceeded. In order to join the network they must be reset with 4 pushes on the commissioning button and the in order to send data automatically i applied a hack to the firmware files provided by Digi in the 82003195_A.zip package. The IR parameter is missing from the “End Device LTH” firmware. Only by changing it from the 0 default value to a greater value (ie 1000) the sensor sends data automatically following timings provided on SP and SN parameters.
i’m astonished there is no documentation about it, and the only way to let a commercial sensor work is by applying a not-documented hack. Am i the only one using LTHs?
The hack is described here:

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