XBee LTH Sensors won't join as end nodes

I have changed the settings on these sensors so many times that I hit the reset button 4 times to get back to the default settings, which allows a stable connection. But it shows up as a router with a description XBee Sensor.(I also have XBee Wall Routers already connected to the gateway. But since the default settings run the battery down, I go through my ConnectPortX2 gateway’s web interface and click on the connected nodes. I then click on the Advanced Settings section and change the sleep mode to 4 and sleep time to 2000. (Sleep for 20 seconds) But as soon as I hit apply, the sensor gets kicked off the network saying the network address is fffe. I then hit the reset button once (wake it up) on the sensor, because the settings did save, but kicked it off.

My firmware version is 1241. Anything else you need to know, just ask.

I found a forgotten wall router plugged in using the same sleep settings as the sensors, but never checked the sleep setting on the gateway.